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Jaw Crusher


The term size reduction is applied to all the ways in which practicles of solids are or broken into smaller pieces, size reduction can be carried out by different ways, i. e. by compession, impact, attrition or rubbing. Crusher like jaw crusher, is smooth roll crusher uses compression for size reduction purpose. They can brake large lumps of very hard material.

Blakes’s jaw crusher is a primary type of crusher and gives coars of fine product. A typical jaw crusher is shown in Fig. It has a fixed jaw and a movable jaw which is pivoted at the vertical. The moving or swinging angle of 20° to 30° with the fixed jaw and reci-procated in a horizontal plane.

The jaws are usually made up of manganese steel or other material which with stand agains abrasion may carry hallow horizontal grooves. In this machine electric drives a pitman connected to two toggles. One jaw. The high motion of moving the jaw is at the bottom. The jaws open and close 250 to 400 times per minute. The machine is usually protected so as to avoid damages due to accidents. As the crushing action is intermittent, the loading on the machine is uneven, hence a crusher incorporated a flywheel.

The material to be crushed is admitted between the upper part of jaws, is crushed into smaller size during forward motion by compression. The crusher material then drop into the narrower space below during backward motion and is re crushed as the jaws close next time. After sufficient reduction the material is dropped out from the bottom of the machine.


  • To study the Jaw Crusher.


The Laboratory crusher is designed to speed up to a crushing or arcs minerals, coal, coke, chemicals & other similar materials, the jaws of manganese steel are provided in the jaw crusher. A hopper is provided at the top for feeding materials. The search jaws ensure a uniform product & easy cleaning is possible.

  • Maximum size for feed : 50mm.
  • Product discharge size : 5 mm - 15mm.
  • Capacity : 100 - 200 Kg/hr.
  • Jaw size : 100 x 150 mm.


Power Supply : 440 V. 3 phase, 50 cycles AC supply


1.0 m. ( L) x 1.0 m (W) X 1.0 m (H).

WEIGHT : @ 65 Kg

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